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Limited Edition Zen Puzzle

Ocean Life is a first-of-its-kind, limited-edition wooden jigsaw puzzle created by Zen Puzzles. Counting 1489 pieces and 46 figurals, it is our largest puzzle. Its charming design elements, including false borders, and intricate layout make it a challenge for any puzzle enthusiast!

Zen Puzzles- Limited Edition Ocean Life Puzzle

Where It Started

The idea for this puzzle was spurred on by wanting to create a puzzle that would be much larger than most currently offered in the wooden puzzle market. The larger the puzzle, the more difficult it is to produce, but we believed in our dedicated and skilled team and decided to go for it.

The Design Process

Just like all of our smaller size puzzles, this puzzle would encompass the traditional grid cut pattern we use interspersed with our wonderfully designed figurals. Wanting to make this puzzle design more of a “one of a kind” offering, we created it as a numbered limited edition of 250. By creating a handsome wooden box with the title and numbering etched into it by the laser this idea was really taking shape.

Zen Puzzle- Limited Edition Ocean Life Puzzle close up on figural pieces
Zen Puzzles- Limited Edition Puzzle Ocean Life, Example of figural pieces and puzzle piece popper

The Image

The image we chose is one of the first American illustrations of an underwater ecosystem. This stunning watercolor, entitled Ocean Life, was designed by James M. Somerville (1825-1899) and painted by Christian Schussle (1824-1879) for a scientific pamphlet in 1859. Having chosen the image, Shawn – our graphic designer began the layout pattern. By researching the subject matter and period of the image, he created a wonderful array of figurals to compliment this fine piece. The ocean life creatures and plant life-designed figurals were integrated into the traditional grid pattern to create a lovely overall design composition.

The Design

With the template layout complete, our production team worked out the best way to cut this large puzzle in the laser. Utilizing his many years of experience, Phil – our top laser operator was able to create a wonderful puzzle which celebrates the fine qualities of our signature birchwood and the unique design composition.

Zen Puzzles- Limited Edition Ocean Life Puzzle
Figural Pieces for Limited Edition Ocean Life Puzzle!

The Whole Package

Ocean Life comes in a custom pinewood box and includes a Zen Puzzles coffee mug, a birchwood magnet, a puzzle piece popper, stickers, and a poster. It measures 31” x 23” and the included poster will help as you put together this enormous puzzle.

Ocean Life Zen Puzzle

Take home a piece of puzzle history with our Ocean Life limited edition puzzle and experience the hard work that makes this Zen Puzzle extra special.

Shop now and get yourself one of the 250 of this one-of-a-kind limited edition puzzle!

The Benefits of Puzzling for the Mind

Puzzles are many things, they can be fun, and challenging but did you know they can also benefit your mind? 

You may be asking how or what puzzles do for your mind.

Below are a few ways that puzzling benefits your Mind. 

1.Enhance Your Mood

Puzzling actually increases our production of dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical our brains produce that regulates mood, memory, and concentration. With every piece you fit into place, every little success your brain releases dopamine! 

SunStar Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by Zen Puzzles. Puzzles benefit your brain

2. Improve Short-Term Memory

Puzzle work reinforces connections between brain cells which improves mental speed and improves short-term memory.

3. Improve Visual and Spatial Reasoning

When doing jigsaw puzzles you have to look at the individual parts, as well as the available spaces, and figure out how to fit the pieces together. The more puzzles you do the more your visual and spatial reasoning will strengthen. 

Aurora Borealis Zen Puzzle. There are many benefits to the brain from puzzles.

4. Sharpen Your Logic and Reasoning

Puzzles exercise your brain. When you do puzzles you activate different parts of your brain that strengthen and hone your critical and analytical thinking skills. 

5. Complete Brain Workout

The two halves of your brain right and left manage different mental processes. The left side of your brain handles analytical and logical thought. The right side of your brain handles creative thinking. When solving a puzzle you are working out both sides of your brain.

Sunflower Field Zen Wooden Puzzle.
Doing puzzles like this benefit your brain in many ways.

6. Stress Relief

Doing jigsaw puzzles give you similar benefits to meditation. Everyday stress melts away with the focus on the task at hand and that stress is replaced by a sense of peace and tranquility and even lower blood pressure and heart rate. 

Ocean Life Zen Puzzle limited edition zen puzzle. Benefit the brain with puzzles.

Since puzzles require you to take different approaches to solve them and work by trial and error, you build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These critical thinking and problem-solving skills you build in your brain from doing puzzles are useful in many aspects of your life!

Start puzzling today and see the many benefits for yourself.