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Custom Zen Puzzles

Custom Zen Puzzles™ are artisanal, heirloom-quality, custom wooden jigsaw puzzles hand-designed with unique, elegant designs and charming figural pieces. With this custom line of puzzles, we create your own exclusive, premium puzzles using your own photograph and your choice of cut designs and figural pieces we have created specifically for this line of puzzles! Meticulously crafted in America with eco-friendly materials and fine art paper, your Custom Zen Puzzles will be enjoyed by adults or youth (8+ recommended) time and time again over many generations.  Click the Ordering Instructions image to view it larger in a new window. 

Your photo must be a high-resolution, large photo!

The file size will be in the range of 2-6MB or more–a file that is less than 2MB will not be large enough to use.  You should be able to view the pixel size of your photo (usually called “dimensions”) on your computer underneath the file name and type of your photo–when you have your photo file highlighted, the preview of the photo should appear in a window on the right, and underneath the photo preview, you should find this information.  The smaller of the two pixel counts needs to be at least 2288 pixels for a small or 2888 pixels for a medium puzzle for your photo to print at 300dpi in the sizes we need.

Custom puzzles have a four to six week turnaround time!

We handcraft each of our premium, artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles meticulously with great care, and the process is labor- and time-intensive.  After November 30, we will not be able to make and ship a custom puzzle to you in time for a holiday gift!

Zen Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Ordering Instructions 1.32

Custom Puzzles Inquiries

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Max. file size: 50 MB.
Your file must be at least 3MB/ 300dpi to print out clearly. Most photographs taken by a camera phone do not have a high enough resolution and WILL be blurry once printed. Photo resolution should be at least 2000×2000.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.